Music service Spotify - one of the oldest and largest, has not been available in Latvia for a long time, but now, at last it has come to our country. The app itself is free, however, in order to listen to music, organize it into playlists and share with friends, you will have to shell out and subscribe for almost 7 euros a month. This service is ideal for people who are lazy or have no time to personally engage in their music collection, but just want to poke a couple of buttons and get access to any, even the freshest composition. However, you can also listen to your music - and for this you do not even need access to the Internet. Similar features are available and another one no less popular application - Pandora.

Cost: free, but the service is chargable chargeable.

Perhaps the best application for those who regularly hear some music, but can not remember what kind of composition it is. Or just does not know. It is worthwhile to include this utility, as it is, if you have an Internet connection, instantly recognize the song and indicate its name, find lyrics for it, tell you where to buy or direct you to YouTube if you do not want to buy it.


Cost: 5,99 EUR

One of their best programs for those who would like to play on different instruments, but does not know where to get the drums, guitars or, for example, the organ. The utility allows you to record your art (including the vocals if the bear does not come to the ear), and also to work with professional instruments - you can connect a real electric guitar to the iPad and apply a couple of filters to its sound. In general, if you are serious about playing different instruments and have not yet seen GarageBand, this error should be corrected.

Cost: 4,49 EUR 

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There is a radio, there are programs for listening to the radio, and there is - TuneIn Radio Pro, a utility for listening to the radio, after which you will remove any of its competitors faster than we say "pack!". Well, maybe not so fast ... but you get the idea. More than 70 thousand radio stations from around the world, the ability to put the radio on a pause, record a favorite composition or transmission - all without annoying advertising. What else is necessary for happiness?

Cost: 4,49 EUR 

Ok, if you or your friends and acquaintances do not play musical instruments, this app is not for you. But if you play ... Cleartune allows you to quickly and accurately tune almost any instrument using just a microphone built into your tablet or smartphone. For a ridiculous couple of euros you will get a utility, which even more often professional musicians use for setting up. The creators of the application, for example, are proud to say that Gorillaz used Cleartune while recording the album The Fall.

Price: 3.59 EUR 

Who said iOS does not have free music? This application proves that it is, and with the help of this program you can not only listen to it, but also download it as an mp3 file. The program surprises with the presence of a folder manager and full work with the files. It is especially convenient to work with it if the Dropbox service application is installed on the device - then the music between the smartphone and the computer can be "moved" without the need to sync through iTunes.

Cost: 1,79 EUR 

Hey, DJ, put my CD! Or rather - a record. When this program becomes the "2013 program" in all kinds of tops and charts, remember that you first read about it on DELFI! It's elegant, accessible even for a "teapot", but at the same time it's a pretty powerful application that allows anyone to feel like a real DJ and "mix" a couple of downhole compositions. You can use both your own tracks and those purchased in the program itself. Of course, everything can be recorded "for posterity" or playing "live" in some school disco.

Cost: free, but "records" inside the program cost money 

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Another application for access to radio stations. From the analogs it differs from the real "hipster" appearance (even your grandmother will approve the appearance of this program), and also that it can work as an alarm clock. And, in addition, allows you to see in real time, which plays on each of the 50,000 included in the utility radio stations (without having to switch to each one), buy music or search for it on YouTube.

Price: 2.69 EUR 

If you are learning to play the guitar or already playing the guitar, this program is just for you. Tens of thousands of notes, a metronome, a tuner for applying various effects, support for virtually any string instruments, etc. We ourselves do not play the guitar, but from those who "do it" we heard that nothing better for the amateurs (and professionals) of this instrument is simply not invented.

Cost: 4,49 EUR 


Finally, we'll do a nice job for Android users. If you unsuccessfully look for a music player that could play any files and do it with a certain style, and also allow you to customize the sound in different ways with the help of various funny "sliders", then you can consider your searches to be over - nothing is better than Poweramp for Android simply no.